Conveyance Searches & Property Information


IPE Marketing Consulting offers an extensive range of search information services for both residential and commercial properties. We take every care and attention to detail to ensure that we deliver accurate reports on time. Below you will find details of each service and how simple it is to order online.

Personal Local Authority Searches

Personal Local Authority (PLA) Searches are undertaken in person at the premises of the various Local Authorities. It is a professional report that is accurate and presented in an easy to read CON29 format. Our personal Local authority Search provides a viable and less expensive alternative to Official Local authority Search. IPE Marketing Consulting can provide your Local authority searches from as little as £69.99 with a turnaround time of 3-5 days. Let us save you time and money.
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Environmental Searches

The provision of environmental information indicating the possible risk and dangers of flooding, waste and landfill sites, subsidence, contaminated land and other environmental concerns looks set to become an increasingly important feature in the conveyancing process. An environmental search can help reduce the conveyancer’s exposure to negligence and guard the purchaser against property blight.
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Drainage and Water Search

This report is provided by the relevant Water Authorities and concerns a wide range of water and sewer related issues. It also includes detailed mapping of all connections relevant to the property.
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Coal Mining Searches

The law Society Conveyancers Handbook points out the dangers of subsidence from coal, tin, brine, clay and limestone mining. A mining report enables you to ascertain whether a property has been subject to any mining related issues in the past. Mining reports are provided by the relevant Authorities and essential for properties located in areas of past or present mining activities.
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Neighbourhood Report

The know your neighbour report provides the essential information you require when moving into a new home and / or neighbourhood. It includes vital information such as council tax bands, local amenities and crime rate.
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Chancel Repair Search

A Chancel repair search determines whether a property has liability to its parish church repairs. This search is conducted in person, by making an appointment to inspect the public records held at the Public Records Office in London. IPE Marketing Consulting can conduct this search on your behalf. To instruct us simply send us the address and location plan of the property, as well as the parish in which the property is located.
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If you require any other searches not listed above please, do not hesitate to contact us.