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Personal Local authority Searches

Personal Local Authority Searches
 The use of Personal Local authority Searches have become increasingly popular in today’s conveyancing process. This is partly due to the fact that many Local authorities can be slow in providing your search and can charge anything up to £220. So how can we help?

IPE Marketing Consulting can provide your local searches from as little as £69.99 (all inclusive). Our personal searches are produced at a very high standard and have a 3-5days turnaround time. What’s more, our conveyancing searches are covered by £2 million indemnity insurance and are widely accepted by a vast majority of mortgage lenders.

By instructing IPE Marketing Consulting to provide your Local Authority Searches you will save a significant amount of time and money, as well as experience a professional and high quality service. This would give you a competitive edge in the conveyancing market.

So What Is Included in our personal search report? Our search report is produced in an easy to understand CON29 format and includes the following:

  • All Local Land Charges
  • All Planning Decisions and Pending Applications
  • Building Regulation Decisions (where available)
  • Planning Designation and proposals affecting the property
  • Road Maintenance Status
  • Highway Schemes (where available)
  • Any other relevant schemes and notices available.
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