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Neighbourhood Report

How often do you hear of the phrase “Location – Location – Location” when it comes to buying a property? The decision to buy a house is not solely based on the number of bedrooms. In fact more often than not it is governed by its locality. It is essential to investigate the quality of the local amenities available to you when you move to your new home, prior to the purchase of the property.

The Neighbourhood Report is a comprehensive report detailing a wealth of information on the local area and its amenities. It includes details of the local schools, council tax, hospitals, health care, law enforcement and crime statistics, as well as current and historic property prices.

The report also offers a unique insight into the development potential of the land and properties within 250m radius of the property in question. Furthermore, it lists details of all applications submitted to the Council for properties and land within this area, including home extensions, together with residential and commercial developments.

This will give you a clear indication of possible future developments, which may surround your new property. To top it all up, the report comes with an aerial photograph, providing a positional guide of the properties exact location.
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